Sun 2 Sept 2013

The OFFICIAL climb of Cloudsley occurred with vastly increased numbers of participants. Four of us were walking by 0930

and had lunch on the way up to arrive on top at 1.45—a short time after another group ahead of us. On our way up we met a solitary tramper with weekend pack. He’d stayed in a snow-cave overnight. The recent snow was powdery on a base that was very firm in places. Two of our group used crampons and two chose the softer snow on the sunnier side of the spur.

We were back at the Castle Hill Village car-park by 4:15 after a splendid, sunny day. We were: Linda Smith, Douglas Woods, Peter Umbers and Kerry Moore with a guest appearance from Ritchie McCaw who buzzed us in a glider, passing so close that Linda and Doug could easily identify him. I was ahead of them as we headed down and was too surprised to notice who was piloting. (KM)