Day Trips:

Day trips depart from and return to a convenient point on the side of town near to the destination. See maps. Non-members are asked to phone the trip leader in advance. If you doubt your suitability for a day-trip, or if the weather is turning bad, contact the trip leader beforehand. A phone inquiry does not oblige you to go on the trip.

Weekend Trips:

Weekend Trips may leave on a Friday night (usually for base camps) or Saturday morning. Please book with the trip leader by the closing date. Be certain you want to go on the trip when booking, as it is not fair on the leader to withdraw after the closing date (good excuses excepted). Numbers on some weekend trips are limited, so book promptly.

Bike Trips:

For up-to-date details of any biking trips highlighted below please contact Chris Leaver 03 322 6445, or

Trip details

Note - clicking on the trip destinations shown in blue will show the location on a map.

Sun 11 July ●

Cockayne Alley - Cuckoo Creek

Kerry Moore 359 5069

An easy-moderate circuit from Texas flat that wanders either side of the Cheeseman Ski Road

Meet 8am Church Corner, 20 Yaldhurst Rd

Sat,Sun 17-18 July ●●

Hamilton Hut

Kerry Moore 359 5069

A pleasant, flat, easy-moderate walk up the Harper River from the Coleridge area to this comfortable hut. We will see the impressive Harper Rr pinnacles along the way

Book by 11 July

Sun 18 July ●

Mt Cheeseman- Mt Izard

Merv Meredith 322 7239

Moderate-hard snow trip to two 2000m peaks in the Craigieburns. Starting at Texas Flat. Ice axe and possibly crampons required.

Meet 8am Church Corner, 20 Yaldhurst Rd

Sat,Sun 24-25 July ●●

Hope-Kiwi Hut

Alison Maccoll 021 0232 3693

Easy-moderate tramp in Lake Sumner Forest Park, overnighting in Hope Kiwi Lodge. Good track all the way, through beech forest and river terraces

Book by 18 July

Sun 25 July ●

Currys Track- Stony Bay Peak - Purple Peak Circuit

Sue Piercey 384 9567

An easy-moderate trip over Browntop Saddle via Currys Track, around the back of Purple Peak, up and around Stony Bay Peak and back down the Purple Peak track.

8am Cashmere Rd opp PMH near Hackthorne

Sat,Sun 31-1 Aug ●●

Kumara Junction Base

Diane Mellish 337 5530

Lots of easy and moderate walks in this area which has an interesting gold-mining history.

Book by 11 July

Sun 1 Aug ●

Maukuratawhai Circuit

Merv Meredith 322 7239

On the Clarence River side of Jacks Pass behind Hanmer, this moderate tramp climbs to the 1615m summit that's easier to climb than pronounce

Meet 7am Placemakers, 319 Cranford St

Sat-Mon 7-9 Aug ●●●

Avalanche Peak - Crow Hut

John Cook 384 1710

A popular crossing from AP to the Crow River via 1833m Avalanche Peak. A middle day lets us explore the Crow Valley

Book by 1 Aug

Saturday 7 Aug ●

Quail Island planting

Stan Wilder 260 2340

A short day of planting. Tools and transport provided. Take garden gloves if you have them. Meet on the Lyttelton-Diamond Harbour jetty at 9am. Launch leaves Quail at 3.30pm

Names to Stan by Thursday 5th Aug

Sun 8 Aug ●

Stour River to Manuka Hut

Diane Dixon 359 9170

An easy, fairly flat tramp in the Mt Somers area. Going from the Stour River Bridge in the direction of Manuka Hut, not far from the Woolshed Creek area.

Meet 8am Church Corner, 20 Yaldhurst Rd

Sat,Sun 14-15 Aug ●●

Carlyle Hut

Awaiting leader

Easy-moderate tramp up Carlyle Stream to this unusual hut on Glenhope Station, below the Poplars Range

Book by 8 Aug

Saturday 14 Aug ●


Awaiting leader

A moderate day in the Cass area including a climb up 1410m Sugarloaf

Meet 8am Church Corner, 20 Yaldhurst Rd

Sun-Wed 15-18 Aug ●●●●

Ice Lake

Raymond Ford 022 318 0872

A fairly rugged, moderate walk to Butler Hut then to Top Butler Hut and Ice Lake

Book by 8 Aug

Saturday 21 Aug ●

Doctors Hills

Bruce Cameron 022 188 5905

So-named because a local doctor used to wander there, this easy trip inland from Waikari gives views of Pyramid Valley and Moa Swamp

Meet 8am Placemakers, 319 Cranford St

Sun 22 Aug ●

Mt Manson

Merv Meredith 322 7239

This moderate trip starts from the Craigeburn ski road. Starting high makes for a steep but short climb to this 1860m peak at the northern end of the Craigieburn Range. Snow likely, so take an ice-axe.

Meet 7am Church Corner, 20 Yaldhurst Rd

Sat,Sun 28-29 Aug ●●

Rough Creek--Lake Christabel

Merv Meredith 322 7239

Moderate trip up Rough Creek near Lewis Pass to Lake Christabel Hut.

Book by 22 Aug

Sun 29 Aug ●

Christchurch 360 Dunes and Wetlands

Helen Harkness 384 2890

This 16km sector of the CHRISTCHURCH 360 TRAIL will commence at Pages Road and finish at Lower Styx Road.

Meet at 8.30am at the corner of Pages and Wairoa Road, by the Pages Road bridge into New Brighton. Approx Cost $3

Sat,Sun 4-5 Sep ●●

Youngman Stream Hut

Kerry Moore 359 5069

Easy-moderate tramp to Youngman Stream Hut in the upper Ashley River. exit via Lillburn Hill.

Book by 29 Aug

Sun 5 Sep ●


Norman Burden 021 0228 9141,

This easy-moderate trip visits a 980ha botanical reserve occupying most of Otanerito Valley in south-east Banks Peninsula. The area has over 12km of tracks and is privately managed for the protection and restoration of native vegetation and wildlife

Meet 8am Cashmere Rd, opp PMH

Sun 5 Sep ●

Foggy Peak, Castle Hill Peak

Merv Meredith 322 7239

A popular pilgrimage to 1741m Foggy Peak and on to 1998m Castle Hill Peak if you feel energetic. EM, M if you go up CHP.

Meet 8am Church Corner, 20 Yaldhurst Rd

To see planned trips further ahead, click here for the annual Trip List 2021-2022 (PDF)