Hawdon Base

27-28 July 2013

Winter colds meant the Korvers bowed out of this base camp at Kidson Lodge, near Hawdon Shelter. A well laden McQuillan “truck” took

Jill Fenner and Shane Wright, Keith & Marion on the Friday afternoon. Mary McKeown, Maureen Anderson and Kerry Moore left in the early evening and overshot the lodge by a few hundred metres, parked and walked back. Keith had marked the parking spot but in the dark the trio didn’t see.

The lodge facilities aren’t 5-star but it has a good-sized bunkroom and a spacious kitchen/dining room—ideal for our style of base camp. It is close to the shelter, yet in a grove of beech it feels secluded and private.

Saturday’s activities were a climb to 1608m Pyramid and an easier walk up to Hawdon Hut. Both groups set out together and crossed the Hawdon as a group, proceeded up-river a little way and then parted company. Pyramid looks down on Sudden Valley and the Hawdon River. Keith had been up there before and knew exactly how to get on to the spur route. In attendance were Shane and Kerry. Without ice axes they stopped just short of the top.

The “ladies” got back to the lodge before the climbers and started preparations for the evening’s big meal. Marion had assembled a tasty array of chicken and veges and a pre-cooked steam pudding. To celebrate mid-winter we had mulled wine and did the customary lucky dip from Santa’s sack for presents. Under the rules each “dipper” was allowed to appropriate any previously opened gift but all but Kerry were restrained and kept what they opened, including the telescopic back-scratcher. Kerry was the last to dip and “stole” a plastic click-clack-style box filled with mini chocolate fish.

Sunday’s hike was a predictable climb up 1429m Woolshed Hill. John Robinson had joined us and he, Keith, Shane and Kerry made it to the top while the others lazed in sunshine by the tarn near the bush-line. Back at base we cooked up the dinner left-overs for lunch, tidied and headed back home. Many thanks to our organisers, Keith and Marion. (KM)

Kidson Lodge and the Three Peaks of Binser