Sunday 12 October 2014

Three cars parked on the flat where the Craigieburn ski road enters the beech forest. We walked on the road for a short while then onto the track that leads to Camp Saddle. Chris was our leader and chose to do an anti-clockwise circuit.

Climbing up to Camp Saddle we enjoyed views of Craigieburn ski-field with its patchy snow. Lunch was enjoyed in pleasant sunny conditions on the saddle. Small patches of snow remained on the rocky ridge that leads to Helicopter Hill. From point 1525 useful scree helped us descend to the bush-line above Lyndon Saddle where we re-grouped. At the saddle we went south, around Helicopter Hill and onto the pine-infested flat that leads back to the Craigieburn ski road. A pleasant circuit on a fine day.

We were: Chris Leaver, Graham Townsend, Jill Fenner, Jane Severn, John Allan, Graeme Nicholas, Callum & Pat McIntosh, Sandra White, Joy Schroeder, Kerry Moore. (KM)