Wooded Gully – Pinchgut Hut

10 May 2014

Team leader Stan was keen to make a prompt start. As soon as we met at Cranford Street the order was given to get boots on and place dry gear into the car that we were travelling in and the day packs in the other car. Right on the button of 8am we headed to Rangiora to meet Judith.

There we changed cars.One headed to the picnic area at Mt Thomas and the other to the Okuku River end. Both groups started the trip within 10 minutes of each other. Team A: Trish, Jill, John, Stuart and Lois started their climb heading towards the cloud cover, however as they progressed the clouds unfolded. Team B: Stan, Sue, Judith, Kerry and Gavin were faced with a river crossing that lapped around the nether regions, thereby awakening them from their sleepy Saturday morning slumber.

Sue and Judith headed away from the river first and at a T intersection turned left. Stan, Kerry and Gavin turned right. Thinking that the girls were in front, the guys set a cracking pace to catch them, only to discover when stopped at the climbing section that the girls were well behind. It may be OK to lose a member or in this case two, however it was pointed out by Sue to Stan that it is not ok to lose your wife. After re-grouping, Team B headed to the Pinchgut Hut for a short visit and then climbed the ridge for a lunch break. As team A was descending the ridge they noted Team B basking in the sun for lunch. Approximately 20 minutes later both teams met, exchanged keys and headed off to conclude the through-trip. Both teams exited at nearly the same time—5 to 5:15pm, and then arranged to have a coffee in Rangiora. Over coffee we debated, who got the short straw, the climb first thing and the long descent or the wet nether region, and the long gradual climb and rapid descent. Thanks to both Stan and Trish for leading each team and making it an enjoyable day. (GC)