Charing Cross

6 Sept 2015

Our leader, Margaret Clark had done an earlier reconnaissance so knew exactly where to park our two cars. Our walk began mid-way between The Grampians and Cascade homesteads.

From one farm track we climbed on well-grazed pasture past a herd of cows up to another track which went most of the way to our 999m destination. The team sat for lunch at a fence-line just short of a steep spur near the top. If humans consider their heads to be their selves then we can say we climbed to 1000m. Our feet made it only to 999m.

This was a pleasant walk through a mixture of rock types and with great views.

We were: Margaret Clark, Jill Fenner, Alison Maccall, Vesna Mojsilovic, Wendy & Bill Templeton, Kerry Moore

View to the Pahau River, Amuri Plain and Lowry Peaks Range