Leith Hill

Saturday 3 October 2015

Nine trampers, including three people new to the club, enjoyed great weather for an easy-moderate trip to this 1384m peak behind Castle Hill Village. Ruth’s navigation skills were a bit lacking at the start as we managed to take a wrong turn in the trees not long into the tramp.

A U-turn easily rectified and we picked up the track again, popping out of the trees at the highest point at the bottom of the scree ‘scoop’ on the face of the hill—a good place for morning tea and to enjoy the weather and views.

The next leg to the top of the hill was a bit of a steep climb through scrub and tussock alongside the scree. We had even better views from the top, a good place to have lunch and take photos. We headed down the other side of the scree and then ventured onto it—interesting and fun for the three newbies who had never experienced a scree descent.

Back at the bush-line we completed a circular walk by following markers down the other side of the trees alongside a fence. This brought us back to the village with a short walk back to our cars. The obligatory ice cream and coffee stop on the way home completed a lovely day out. We were: Vesna Mojsilovic, Norman Burden, Jane Meiforth, Maree Richards, SP Wang, Kerry Moore, Mary McKeown, Wendy Wallace and Ruth Barratt (leader) (RB)