Mid-winter “Christmas”

18-19 July 2015

With an abysmal, “don’t go into the mountains this weekend” weather forecast the mid-winter Christmas dinner was diverted from the Boyle Flats Hut to Innes Road, Christchurch, where the weather was more appealing. The keen trampers arrived in the evening, by car.

At the door a sign read “Welcome to the Boyle Hut”. In true DoC style another sign read “No Boots Inside” – just to set the scene. Entering the “Boyle Hut” trampers were welcomed by a cosy fire, especially favoured as the thermometer had plunged to -1ºC. The kitchen area was festively decorated with Christmas lights supplied by Kerry, and a few frivolous decorations from the Korver stock.

Once everyone had warmed up, and Tim had arrived. Drinks were served. Our menu read:


Soup in a cup



Mashed potato with cheese topping

Cabbage and caraway seed stir-fry



Rich fruit Christmas pudding and custard

Kerry who specialises in custard, made a brew in true keeping with being in a hut. He forgot the sugar, so it was declared “Sweet as”, and eaten.

After the meal, Father Christmas (Aka Geoff Korver) offered people the choice of a gift or to steal someone else’s. It took a wee while before the desire to steal a present started, but once Colin had stolen his desired present, the fun began. Lots of laughter accompanied the game. We finished with cups of tea and coffee (billy style – aka teapot and plunger).

This was a true slack-packing tramp – a delicious meal that was easy on the back, and enjoyed by everyone. A great turn out. We were: Colin Wilmshurst, Graham Hunter, Graham Nicholas, Tim Hines, Jane Swift, John Rice, Lois Moore, Kerry Moore, Geoff Korver, and Mary Korver. (MK)