Red Hill – Mt Lyndon

Sun 27 September 2015

Starting from the Lake Lyndon Lodge at 8.50am, we went over the low saddle behind the lodge and around the corner, we were on Red Hill in near perfect weather with hardly any snow, by 12 noon for lunch. Returning back along the top ridge and continuing north-east toward Mt Lyndon, we were puzzled by a sudden, brief burst of smoke from the Porters Pass direction.

Then we found ourselves arriving on the top at 3pm, at the same time as a group of ex-kiwi Australians. They had been at the lodge for a number of days and were exploring former stamping grounds from their youth—good to see. Descending the spur that leads to the lodge, we could see the Sunday traffic on the Porters road was stationary. However, by the time we got back to the lodge at 4.10pm and then drove out, the traffic was flowing slowly past the burnt-out shell of a camper-van. Since then, October tramping for me has been even slimmer. Glenroy Tops on 3-4 Oct didn’t happen and there were strong nor-westers anyway.