Base-camp Victoria Street

Fri 18 Sept 2015

To mark World PARKing Day the club set up a “base-camp” on a Victoria Street car park. Maureen nabbed the spot at 0800 and set up with help from Kerry and Darcy.

With large office buildings on either side of the road lots of staff looked out at our antics and tried to figure what our boot-print PTC banner was about. Googling PTC didn’t enlighten them so they were forced to send a deputation down to ask. One “suited” worker enquired and asked to have a little lie-down in our tent to create a photo-opportunity for his fellow staff. Darcy and Kerry approached passers-by to sell them on PTC and handed out lots of newsletters. Maureen handed out cookies and offered free coffee. The car-park adjacent to ours had a cycling group with a cycle-mounted blender making smoothies for visitors. Cars were able to use our site after 1pm. Feedback from Stan Wilder reports that he’s had enquiries from interested people so Maureen’s bold initiative has obviously been effective.