Gebbies - Packhorse – Orton Bradley

Sun 24 July 2016

Predicted rain and gusty NWers for the Paterson Hill environs made us switch to the Peninsula. Six of us parked at Gebbies Pass and set off in cool, sunny conditions. The initial part of the track was a bit slushy then we were on a carpet of pine needles. A logged area has pushed the track out onto grassland, then we were back in dense, dark forest.

About a kilometre from Packhorse Hut the track exits the forest and leads to the impressive, remarkable even, Remarkable Dykes. The NWer had us hanging onto our hats so we were pleased to escape the wind and join other people in the hut for an early lunch. We saw quite a few people, even a dog, going in various directions during the day. Soon the area will close for a few months to let the woollies have their lambies in peace.

The wind discouraged Helen and Jill from going onwards alongside Mt Bradley on the harbour-side track. This worked well and allowed four to go on and for Helen to drive a car to Orton-Bradley Park after returning to Gebbies. The on-going group had a second lunch in the lea of pines in the upper part of O-B Park and it took us another hour to walk out to the road where Helen was waiting. This is a good winter walk, helped by having the grand old stone hut as a warm lunch spot. The start-point is at 160m and Packhorse Hut at 450m making for a gentle climb and you get to see the harbour from a range of angles. We were trying to recall some titles that North Korean leaders were given. Our Great, Wise, Esteemed, Peerless leader was Graeme Paltridge, accompanied loyally by Helen Harkness, Penny Coffey, Jill Fenner, Norman Burdon and Kerry Moore (KM)