Lake Lyndon Base Camp

20-22 May 2016

The intrepid team set off for Lake Lyndon Lodge, in rain and despite weather reports of rain, rain, and more rain! The advance party set-to to make the place home, with Margaret as chief coal-range stoker and Colin as potbelly stoker when we arrived. It was good to have lots of space to ourselves and heaps of beds to choose from.

The rain continued through the night, but abated by morning, as we woke to a clearish sky and snow-capped mountains. So off we all tramped up the valley towards Red Hill, with 3 continuing up (Keith, Mary and Helen) and the rest of us a return trip. The “up” guys ended up in knee deep snow near the ridge line. As the weather was looking a bit dubious they headed towards Mt Lyndon and down a spur to the valley floor, and back to the vehicle. We had earned enough “tramping points” to have the usual PTC potluck feast – and feast we did!

Saturday night was cold, but a lasting memory will be lying in my bunk and looking through the “A” framed window, out onto the dark, snow-capped mountains, silhouetted against a moon drenched sky. The mountains in their majesty, guarding the lake, alight and twinkling in the full moon. What a wonderful view to fall asleep with.

Sunday dawned clear and bright so another trip was planned, this time by Margaret and led by her. We drove back up the road, then set off on a round trip, up the valley, meandering through the scrub up to Boundary Hill (1065m), then across the windy top for lunch with a perfect view. This was soon cut short as it started to snow, tiny dry crystals bouncing off us and the undergrowth. Fortunately it didn’t last long, so coming through the scrub, was in fact a sunny journey down. A great weekend was had by all.

We were: Jim and Margaret Clark, Mary McKeown, Helen Harkness, Colin Wilmshurst, Jill Fenner, Maureen Thompson and Graham, Keith and Marion McQuillan (leaders) (MMcQ)