Mount Grey / Maukatere Forest

Sun 28 Feb 2016

With a good and slightly cooler forecast, seven of us started off on a Mount Grey circuit from the Grey River car park and picnic area along the Red Beech track. Most of the trip was in the trees, which gave some relief from the heat and at the first morning-tea stop (the stream crossing), Margot turned back with Gary, having given her recent knee surgery a good workout.

Although we didn’t meet anyone coming down our direction until just out of the trees, there were plenty of people on the top, most having come up the Lake Janet track. It was great to see families and even the odd mountain biker enjoying the tracks. The descent seemed endless with all the switchbacks down to the Grey River but it made for a good circuit and a great day.

Trampers were: Ruth Barratt (leader), Wendy (visiting from Te Awamutu), Helen Harkness, Pat McIntosh, Jill Fenner, Margot Bowden and Gary Huish. (RB)