Mount Thomas

28 August 2016

We the Magnificent Seven arrived at church corner to discuss plan B of our trip as Plan A had been canned for a later time due to strong NW gales forecast for the Pudding Hill Range. After a brief discussion we all agreed to take our tramping boots to Mount Thomas. We arrived at Wooded Gully camping area at 8 55am,and soon changed and on our way to the summit the Mt Thomas 1023meters.

We casually made our way up a four wheel drive gravel road before branching off and onto the Ridge Track which took us through natives and into the beech forest, where after a time Stewart and Merv found a sunny spot for morning tea.

Once reaching the top of the bush line and out into the open tops we took time to stop and to view the area before moving on. Merv was particularly keen to wander off and explore the area, but soon returned. From now it was a 45min walk to the summit along the tops, where it was not a problem in finding a sunny spot for lunch – three and half hours after leaving the cars.