1st Peak of Binser

30 July 2017

The three peaks of Binser are visible from lots of angles when driving west. Approached up the Mt White road, the first hour is a walk in up the Binser Saddle track to very near the saddle, before turning south off the track and heading up through the bush to the bushline. It is then a steady climb up a spur to the first of the three peaks at 1753m.

At another time of year it is practical to continue on south, dropping then climbing again to the middle peak at 1831m, followed by a shallower drop and climb to Mt Binser at 1860m. Then an escape down the spur to the south and out to the Mt White road to your waiting vehicle – you hope. But at this time of year, even with an early start, the first, or maybe the middle peak is the most we can aim for.

We had a party of eight from town, plus met Angela at the Binser car park, on a day where the forecast had predicted fine weather with little wind. They got that right but what we didn’t know was how much snow there would be after Friday’s weather. Expecting lots down low, it was a surprise to see the snow level that far west, up fairly high. However, as we neared the saddle, the more snow we were in.

Turning south, the steady climb up through the bush was no trouble, emerging at the bushline at 12 noon. But the scramble that followed up through snow covered scrub wasn’t easy, making our lunch stop at 1.30pm welcome. The climb to the top at 2.30pm after lunch was easier in more uniform snow. Great place to be in that weather and with a view of peaks two and three beyond, as well as all around. Retreating the way we had come was straightforward but it was still well after 5.00pm when we were out to the vehicles.

Another great day out, up the Mt White road again. We were: Raymond Ford, Angela Grigg, Merv Meredith, Kerry Moore, Yvette S o, Geoff Spearpoint, Liz Stephenson, Peter Umbers and Wang. (MM)