Mount Karetu

02 April 2017

We seven trampers sat off for Okuku pass to climb Mount Karetu on a clear and sunny Sunday morning. We arrived at the pass shortly after 9am to a cool breeze and blue skies. We were soon on our way following a well-maintained fence line to the ridge, which then took us directly to the summit. There was no actual track to follow, just those from previous trampers in the area, but it was a pleasant walk amongst the tussocks and snow grass.

Although I came across a few signs of pig rooting on my previous trip here a few weeks ago, there were none to be seen this time. After 2 hours we arrived at the top, but with our packs half off, we decided to continue our way down the correct spur to Okuku Pass road as the current weather was closing in from the south, far earlier than predicted.

Continuing down, the clouds seemed to be dispersing, but returned shortly later at a faster speed than before. Once on the road it was time to find a sheltered area from the cold and wind and finally have lunch. Diane persevered and found a spot along the roadside. After recharging our batteries we continued for another 90 minutes along a walkable shingle road to the cars. We returned back at the cars at 2pm, and left Mount Karetu behind us in a layer of cloud.

We were the Seven:

Helen Harkness, Diane Mellish, Jill Fenner, Dorothy Giejsztowt , Peter Umbers, Andrew Duck, Norman Burden.