Barnett Park-Windsor Castle-Jollies Bush

28 October 2018

A new standard in trip organisation is set!

After climbing the East Enders Track from Barnett Park, and descending partway down Clifton Spur, we crossed to Richmond Hill and ascended to the trig on Windsor Castle. The next stop was lunch near Jollies Bush before climbing to the summit of Mt Pleasant.

By a quarter to two, we were at the top of Mt Pleasant Road, standing beside the weekend café. The café sparked some bright ideas among the party which resulted in trip leader Helen Harkness putting forward the proposition: ‘Do you want to have your café stop after the trip or do you want to have it now?’

The vote went 6 – 6, so a consensus process (aka as trip leader ) an executive decision was applied, and a dozen sweaty, pack-laden, boot-wearing people entered the café. As the serving counter is actually a caravan window and there was ample outdoor seating with tables and umbrellas, our custom caused no problems, and we enjoyed our teas, coffees and muffins overlooking the sweeping vista down to Moncks Bay.

Then we resumed our trek along an MTB track to the top of Greenwood Park before descending back to Barnett Park. So all other trip leaders please take note, a new standard, whereby afternoon tea is partaken in a mountain café, has been set.

We were: Helen Harkness (L), Danny Lee, Helen Tapper, Jill Fenner, John Robinson, Judith Barnsley, Kyung Lee, Linda Gardiner, Sabine Crellin, Stan Wilder, Wendy Templeton and Stuart Payne (SP).