18 March 2018

Seven enjoyed a calm clear day on this hill near Glentunnel. We parked and walked in front of the implement shed to get onto the vehicle track that leads up the spur. At the top we saw no flags but there are a few poles and things holding up a mass of communications equipment.

After a pleasant 11.30 lunch in sunshine we set off further along the Lady Barker Range until we came to a track that would take us down to a marked track through the pines, all the way to the Selwyn River.

The vehicle track winds alongside the river giving good views of the river and its flats. We got back to the cars by mid-afternoon, made a stop at the Glentunnel dairy and tootled off home. To atone for a slip-up Kerry delivered Gavin to his door in West Melton. In the morning at Glentunnel the toilets were reduced to a single station and Gavin was last. Kerry assumed his passengers were on board and drove off. 100m down the road he realised but drove on sure that Gavin had been picked up by Tim, which was the case. We met up by a “ford closed” sign with Kerry pretending to be unaware of the loss.

We were: Helen Harkness, Ian Beale, Doug Woods, Tim Hines, Andrea Goebel, Gavin Chalk and Kerry Moore (KM)