Raincliff Basecamp

Queens Birthday Weekend 1-4 June 2018

In the end, 29 people spent part or all of the weekend based at the Scout camp. Unfortunately 7 had to pull out at the last minute for various reasons.

When Graham and I arrived about 9pm Friday, people were huddled around the fireplace and heaters were airing out the upstairs dorms. The weather for Saturday morning promised to be good, so those aiming for Mt Nimrod tops left by 8 am on a crisp sunny morning, but with the diversion of a boot threatening to disintegrate (Terry's), some hunters in their vehicle managed to save the day by providing patch-up tape. It was slow progress up-hill so we only managed to reach the col. On the Saturday, (Sue decided this would be a good word to introduce to her young primary students the following week). Most other people enjoyed the Nimrod reserve circuit while Barbara, Russell, Margaret and Jim went cycling.

It was a lovely surprise for me when we returned late from our Mt Nimrod trip and everyone had decorated the lodge beautifully for the birthday celebration and dinner was waiting to be served. Thanks everyone involved in organising all this to happen. Thank you Sue Brittain, who unfortunately didn't make it for the superb birthday cake. We very much missed your company as well as Mike and Jean's.

Sunday we ran out of water as the neighbouring Christian camp folk turned their water supply off when they left not knowing we shared the same supply. Most people went for a walk through the Raincliff forest and Maureen (I think) did Pioneer park. Stan loved the large mature exotic trees in the forest. Graham and Jeanette cycled up the road and through the forest. Yvette, Geoff, Mary, Russell, Barbara and I cycled the loop to Kakahu – a brilliant days ride. Quite a cold day on the bike - cloudy so no sun to warm us. Geoff borrowed my spare gloves and Yvette put an extra layer on her legs. That night Terry and Maureen danced to entertain us....!!!

On Monday, it began raining so many of us stopped at the Brewery Café before heading home. We were: Chris Leaver (leader) and 28 others! (CL)