Ben More

26 October 2019

Labour Weekend was approaching with forecasts causing two club trips to be cancelled, as well as my private trip to the West Coast. So I rang around the frustrated trampers and organised a day trip for Saturday, which looked fine.

After a succession of disappointments with weather-induced cancellations this spring, it was great to get out and climb something. Six of us cheerfully chatted and climbed, with leisurely morning tea and lunch breaks tucked behind rocks out of an insistent breeze. Although sunny and warm, from midday the wind built rapidly, and it was a struggle working our way along the summit ridge. However, the views from up there are amazing, a full 360 degree panorama including plains, lakes, alps and all our well-loved local ranges and peaks. With the bright blue sky above, royal blue lakes, vivid green plains and sparkling white alps, it is a beautiful sight that inspires happiness and a sense of great space and freedom.

We all enjoyed the day out and were glad to be working on our fitness.

We were: Diane Mellish (leader), Trevor Wratten, Gary Huish, Jane Liddle, Raymond Ford, Peter Umbers. DM

Approaching Ben More. Rakaia River in the distance.

Photo courtesy of Raymond Ford