Evans Pass Circuit

Sunday 4 Aug 2019

Three trampers meeting at Princess Margaret Hospital joined eight at Sumner’s Surf-Lifesaving Club shortly after 8:20am, set off up the zig-zag foot track that leads up Clifton Hill to Brownlee Reserve, Clifton Terrace and then on to the Frog Pond Track.

We were lucky Keith had done his homework because one zig of the track is reached by going up someone’s driveway and Keith had sussed this a few days prior. At the pines above Barnett Park we crossed the Summit Road to have morning tea at the old gun emplacements, then past unconcerned sheep to the spur that leads to Urumau Reserve.

Morning tea with snow on Mt Herbert Peak. Photo courtesy of Kerry Moore

At a stile by low, weather-beaten pines (and onga onga) we turned towards Evans Pass to look at the extensive quarry. We must have been a fast bunch because Keith observed that it was too early for lunch or to go down Captain Thomas Track to Sumner. To extend the circuit we walked towards Godley Head and found a track that joined with the Taylors to Godley Track. From Taylors Mistake we took the coastal track to Nicholson Park and down the Flowers Track to Sumner. From Ocean Cafe we witnessed a church group doing a salt-water total immersion baptism on this cool winter day. Brrrrr.

We were: Keith & Marion McQuillan, Brian & Mary-Jane Bonsell, Geoff & Mary Korver, Tim Hines, Helen Harkness, Jill Fenner, Ilaria Carbellotti and Kerry Moore (KM)