Mt Bradley Circuit

7 July 2019

We left Cashmere Road at 7:30am on a crisp morning bound for Orton Bradley Park. The short forest track led us to the western boundary of the farm park. This was a good place to remove a layer or two and have morning tea.

We continued, over the fence and followed a boggy track to Packhorse Hut. It was hard-going at times due to the previous day’s rain. We decided to stop for an early lunch, then set off on part of the Te Ara Pataka Track, up the zig-zag to the bluffs.

On a high part of the track we noticed a sign indicating a way to 855m Mt Bradley. With time on our side and perfect blue skies Sasha, Jane and I took the opportunity for a short side-trip to the summit. The view from the top was well-worth the visit and we were soon back on the main track. I’m told we have Merv Meredith to thank for this path through gorse to Mt Bradley.

From the Mt Herbert Saddle we made our descent on the Mt Herbert walkway, through mud and slush, to arrive back at the car-park at 4 45pm. A good day out.

We were: Helen Harkness, Sasha Baldwin, Jane (a visitor), Norman Burden (leader) (NB)