Pinchgut Hut

Saturday 16 February 2019

A rainy forecast ruled out the scheduled Mt Noble climb so we settled for a simple there-and-back to Pinchgut Hut with its advantage of being a dog- friendly trip. Our leader, Evelien took Neisha and John took Bob. We parked on Taafes Glen Road and were soon across the Okuku ford and on the riverside track.

We arrived at the Lockwood design hut at about mid-day and had lunch. We’d had some drama with wasps. John and Bob got stung. John didn’t swear or yelp, not-so Bob, he yelped and had no idea what struck him.

The return journey was more dramatic and overall, four of us were evenly treated to stings with three each. The exceptions were Jill and Evelien who were unscathed. It’s obvious they should be sent into wasp infested areas to dispense Vespex ®. We passed hunters and a young family on their way to the hut.

The Pinchgut party. Photo courtesy of Norman Burden.

They must have come to the attention of the venomous insects too. Back near the cars there were three pairs of river-crossing shoes used to keep boots dry. Wasps aside, this was a pleasant outing for man/woman and beast. Call me vengeful but back home I sent an email enquiring about local wasp eradication. We were: Evelien Baas, Wendy McCaughan, Jill Fenner, John Robinson, Norman Burden and Kerry Moore (KM)