Anzac Day - Port Hills Wander

25 April 2019

Bruce had planned a clever point to point trip requiring that a car be placed at the far end. Alas, our auto- averse assembly came by bike, motor bike and bus and ONE car, so we did a trip from the Cashmere playground, up along streets and lanes, through Victoria Park to the eastern end of Gilpins Track.

Gilpins is the higher track alongside Mitchells, below Sugarloaf and took us to the Sign of the Kiwi where there was no sign of a kiwi, but lots of noisy bellbirds could be heard. We enjoyed a sunny 20 minutes at the Sign of the Kiwi then headed down along Harry El, only retracing our steps as we neared Cashmere Road.

We were: Bruce Cameron (leader), Karen Garrick. Graham Townsend, Chris Leaver, Hilaire Campbell, Hank Boer, Erin Yeung, Ainslie Talbot and Kerry Moore (KM)

Stumped! Where are we now? Photo courtesy of Kerry Moore