Brooklands Lagoon – Waimakariri River Mouth

Saturday, 13 June 2020

The 9 of us met, 9:30am at the Spencer Park Shop, piled into two cars and drove to the Brooklands end of the track so we could walk back to Spencer for an early cuppa, then on to the sandy track through pines and lupins on the seaward side of the lagoon.

At the river-mouth we sat on driftwood as we ate our lunch and looked over to people fishing on the far bank—the Pines Beach side. The walk back to Spencerville on the wet sand of the beach seemed a long way. By this time there were people and dogs also enjoying the bright sunny day. Back at the same hexagonal picnic table some had another cuppa while the Brooklands cars were retrieved, then we left for home with plenty of day left to enjoy.

We were: Ann Schofield & Tony Greaves (our leaders) Jill Fenner, Mary McKeown, Rhonda Trounson, Helen Harkness, Irene Kilgour, Diane Dixon and Kerry Moore (KM)

Brooklands Lagoon. Photo courtesy of Kerry Moore.