Camp Creek Hut

20 - 21 June

It had been looking like another cancelled trip by me through lack of interest and inclement conditions. But a late call from an insistent woman changed all that. We finally chose Camp Creek since the West Coast appear to have a better weather forecast for a short postcovid walk.

We arrived at the hut for lunch after a sometimes slippery and steep climb. Four of the six beds already taken. After lunch, Bill, Liz and I climbed up the steep track to the main Alexander ridgeline. A strong cold wind and the short daylight hours mean that we didn’t linger too long for the great views.

Back at the hut there was now 13 people for the night! A generous enjoyable meal with the prerequisite shiitake mushrooms cooked by Liz followed by Kerry’s legendary custard had us chokka. Nobody seemed keen to use the outside bath. Six people slept on floor, including one hunter with no mat. Two people had lit the fire, but it was hardly needed as the hut was not cold with 13 bodies.

We left at 9.15 am for the approx. 2hr slippery walk down to Liz’s Rav4. A debrief at Arthurs and early home time ended another successful weekend.

We were: Bill Templeton, Liz Wightwick, Kerry Moore, and Peter Umbers (leader) (PU)

Arriving at Camp Creek Hut. Photo courtesy of Liz Wightwick

Peter, Kerry and Bill. Photo courtesy of Liz Wightwick

Bill Templeton on the Mt Alexander tops. Photo courtesy of Liz Wightwick.