Foggy Peak - Castle Hill Peak

Sunday 18 October

On a beautiful spring day, but with a windy NW forecast for the high country, we headed for the bottom of Porter’s Pass. After a conference as to whether to stay in the valleys or stick to Plan A, we decided to try the climb as far as Foggy Peak and see what happened. Despite the persistent wind, it was sunny, and we enjoyed the ascent and the expansive views. We had other congenial company as well and the interesting conversations kept me distracted from the physical effort of the climb

Early lunch on Foggy Peak was a windy affair with all hunkering down, attempting unsuccessfully to find much shelter. Proceeding along the high ridge to Castle Hill Peak would have been unpleasant so we retreated. However, with the day only half gone, Plan B was now calling so four of us ate a second lunch at a sheltered warm spot on the road verge on the way down to the start of the Trig M track. Lisa and Rich kindly helped with a car shuffle before they departed and the rest of us had a most enjoyable stroll to the bottom of the pass via the Coach Stream track. It was my first time on this route and I found the varied terrain, vegetation and scenery most enjoyable.

We were: Kathrin Muller, Lisa and Rich Ainley, Peter Umbers, Shi Ping Wang, Diane Mellish (leader) (DM)

Northwest sky over Craigieburn Range from Korowai Tussocklands. Photo courtesy of Diane Mellish.