Gebbie Pass to Packhorse Hut

Sunday 5 July 2020

After a rainy week and lots of forest clearance, the track was quite muddy in places, but our indomitable band of 10 walkers made it to the hut at noon, plus or minus twenty minutes. Some had demanded a tea-break on the way and the rest were reluctant to stop on this breezy day. The “use-by 2017” peanut butter was still in the hut, but the place was generally quite tidy. The early arrivers were keen to get under-way after lunch so the “team” drifted back to Gebbies Pass in little groups.

With no stops, it’s easy to reach the hut in 2 hours so we could have started later than 0930 from Gebbies Pass. If it was drier underfoot, we would have been tempted to go alongside Mt Bradley to Charteris Bay to make a through-trip.

We were: John Jagusch, Aarn Tate, Jill Fenner, Diane Dixon, Hilaire Campbell, Ainslie Talbot, Norman Burdon, Barbara Purcell, Dan Pryce and Kerry Moore (KM)

Entering the wasteland. Photo courtesy of Kerry Moore

Young pines and old pines. Looking towards Packhorse Hut in the saddle and flat topped Mt Bradley. Photo courtesy of Kerry Moore