Godley Head

Saturday - 31 May 2020

Thirteen set off from the Sumner/Scarborough clocktower for Taylors Mistake on a cool, sunny morning. Inspired by the calm, deep-blue sea we set our cameras clickin’ as we walked along Godley Head walkway in the company of lots of other walkers and their dogs. We could see the Seaward and Inland Kaikoura. We lost our keenest shutterbug, Terry, who fell behind for a good half-hour but caught us as we stopped for lunch at the gun emplacements. At the main picnic area, we met the Clarks who were still eating their lunch. To make a circuit we exited on a track parallel to the road then went down alongside Anaconda Track to re-join the walkway. From Taylors Mistake we retraced our steps over the hill to Sumner.

We were: Mary McKeown (leader) Rhonda, Diane Dixon, Jill Fenner, Helen Harkness, Gary Huish, Margot Bowden, Geoff & Mary Korver, Stuart Payne, Terry Thomsen, Wendy Wallace, and Kerry Moore. (KM)

View to Scarborough Head. Photo courtesy of Kerry Moore