Governors Bay Shoreline Walk

Sunday 17 May 2020

Level 2 of the Covid 19 lockdown allowed our nine to do this local walk from the Governors Bay Hotel down to the pier and along the shore track. We combined this walk with the Bay Heritage circuit which includes William Gray’s Cottage, Cholmondeley Children’s Centre, a Margaret Mahy Plaque and Ohinetahi Volcanic Rocks. The trachyte rocks are fascinating with their iron-stained patterns.

Near to the Allenvale picnic area there is an old quarry where Charteris Bay sandstone was extracted—sedimentary rock below the volcanics. The large picnic table at Allenvale picnic area was in the shade so we sat on grass, looking over the mudflats all the way out to the heads. On the mudflats we saw kingfishers and the usual foraging birds.

Returning, we went up Church Lane to the main road and St Cuthberts Church, completed in 1862. We ended the heritage circuit, with its nine historic points of interest back at the Governors Bay Hotel.

We were: Kate Taylor, Jill Fenner, Derek Gane, Irene Kilgour, Maureen Thompson, Diane Dixon, Joy Schroeder, Kerry Moore (KM)

Six of eight of our "spaced-out" team. Photo courtesy of Kerry Moore