Kennedys Bush Track - Cass Peak

21 June 2020

A group of seven set off from Halswell Quarry on a cool, overcast morning, the forecast being for cloud and occasional drizzle. We made our way up the quarry-rim in big strides, stopping occasionally to admire the views around us. Once we were on Kennedys Bush Road, we made our way to the start of the track, close-by, and then walked up the steady incline to the top.

After taking a short breather, we continued for thirty minutes on the Holdsworth Track to the Sign of the Bellbird for a welcome morning tea-break. Gary commented that the snow-clad Torlesse Range was looking good in the distance. At the same time, we could see a change in the weather intruding, with a sea-mist deciding to pay us a visit. That is how it stayed for most of the day.

From the Sign of the Bellbird, we connected to the Crater Rim Walkway for a while and then on to the Summit Road, linking to another road which took us up to a foggy Cass Peak. The most notable feature was the fenced-off radar dome, built in the late 80s, which is used for aircraft positioning services.

We soon decided to retreat, back onto the Crater Rim Walkway. At the junction, we took the Cass Ridge Track to the Ellas Track, and returned to the Bellbird for lunch. We followed Ellas Track again, and then the Summit Road before our journey back down Kennedys Bush Track to our waiting cars.

We were: Alison Maccoll, Joy Schroeder, Helen Harkness, Jill Fenner, Margot Bowden, Gary Huish and Norman Burden (leader) (NB)