Lyttelton Crater Rim Circuit

Saturday, 26 September 2020

After getting permission to walk to Purau Stream waterfall, a second farmer vetoed it due to lambing, so we switched to a Lyttelton to Godley Head walk. The forecast for strong norwesters, which must have put people off. It put our four off course because when we climbed up Urumau Track, the wind got too brisk for comfort, and we decided to do the Bluffs Track below Mount Cavendish then follow another bluff track to the top of the Bridle Path.

Stan Helms Track connects easily to the Bridle Path so we opted for this less used track. It finishes at Harmans Road. Helen knows this area well and steered us on to Ticehurst Terrace, Ticehurst Road, Flimwell Lane and Hawkhurst Road. We reached our cars at 2pm just as the Lyttelton market was packing up.

We were: Helen Harkness, Jill Fenner, Shiping Wang and Kerry Moore. (KM)

View across Lyttelton to Gebbies Pass. Photo courtesy of Kerry Moore.