Mt Lyndon – Cloudy Hill

Saturday 11 July 2020

Driving in style from Christchurch over Porters Pass we chatted about the Book of Revelation, and arrived at a nippy windy Lake Lyndon without stopping at the Sheffield pie shop. The dressing room aka shelter provided a reprieve then it was off for a welcome warmup hill 600m up into the sunshine. Backs to the wind morning tea had a stunning view to Banks Peninsula and south. Some photography from the summit, but minimal lingering on Mt Lyndon with its patches of snow and 360 views including a chilly looking Porters ski field.

Steeply down to a saddle then a sharp icy scree incline and somehow it was lunch time already followed by a clement wander along to Cloudy Hill and light warm winds. Looking over at Mt Torlesse it would have been a different story. We chose the ridge down without the gendarmes and chockstones. Bill’s handsaw and others’ ice axes came to good use as we eliminated a number of wilding pines; however, plenty remain.

We felt very lucky to have such a wonderful day out so close to home, strenuous enough, scenic, pleasant company, and future planning opportunities. Back at the car, we were greeted by a packet of chocolate thins under the windscreen wiper! Thanks to Raymond for organising a Saturday outing.

We were: Raymond Ford (leader), Bill Templeton, Geoff Spearpoint, Jane Liddle (JL)

Ascending Mt. Lyndon. Lake Lyndon and Benmore Range in the background. Photo courtesy of Raymond Ford.