Mt Oxford—Oxford Hill—Ashley Saddle

29 November 2020

A light southerly kept us cool as we headed up towards Mt Oxford. Anticipating a cold wind on top we had an early lunch short of the peak as cloud swirled to our left and right. On nearby Oxford Hill, we stopped a while in the lea of a solar cell array then looked for a track down to Ashley Saddle. We found bits of track through the dracopyllum and tussock scrub with the best-defined one just above the saddle. The spur down to Mountain House car park was in open grassland with patches of trees in places, so we had a good view of the plains as we headed down in a cool easterly breeze.

Our clockwise circuit took us seven hours and was enjoyed by, Kevin Hughes, Diane Mellish, Shiping Wang, Peter Umbers and Kerry Moore. (KM)

On the summit of Mt Oxford. Photo courtesy of Kevin Hughes

On the descent from Ashley Saddle. Photo courtesy of Kevin Hughes