Pines Clearance

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Worried that the newly instituted scheme to employ mountain guides and kayak instructors would mop up the last wilding pine, five of our best conifer slayers went to clear a patch near the Craigieburn ski road. We needn’t have worried. There were enough pines to go round, and we managed to clear only a fraction of our assigned area.

Christchurch was having an unseasonally warm day so we assumed we’d get likewise as we were well east of the divide. Alas at 1:30 the norwest rain came our way so we headed for the car. When the rain eased off we pulled some seedlings near the road but more rain came so we headed for home.

We were: Grant Hunter, Raymond Ford, Peter Umbers, Gary Huish and Kerry Moore. (KM)

Peter Umbers destroying a Douglas Fir seedling Photo courtesy of Grant Hunter