Wild Cattle Hill

Saturday 21 March 2020

Covid 19 and the forecast for early afternoon rain deterred 98% of the club so it was up to us three to conquer 600m Wild Cattle Hill. We parked at the end of Pa Road near the jetty and set off along the stony beach for 200m then climbed through slumped loess to Putiki Road for an ascent of a nice spur to the main ridge. On the ridge the wind was blowing cold and rain threatening but we found a nice spot for lunch where we decided not to go the whole way to Wild Cattle Hill, which was a side trip from our planned circuit. Near Point 621, which is higher than Wild Cattle Hill, we found a good vehicle track that led to our down-spur. The spur has some awkward bluffy, steep bits so our path was a zig-zag until we got onto gentler slopes to emerge on the road on the south side of Puari and along the road to the car. This was an enjoyable circuit despite the cool weather and the many barbed wire fences we had to cross. Only in a few places could we squeeze between the wires. Future trips need to take a barb protector such as Bruce C’s length of fire hose.

Puari Village and Port Levy with a new view of the Monument in the distance.

Photo courtesy of Kerry Moore

We were Dan Pryce (leader), Mary McKeown, Kerry Moore (KM)