Birdlings Flat - Oashore Bay - Tokoroa Bay

14 March 2021

Six of us fitted into Gavin’s spacious SUV and set off in a cool, strong easterly wind from the gravelly beach which the map calls Poranui. We crossed the concrete bridge and headed up the Bossu Road a short way before climbing slopes of sparse tussock and bare loess to the cliff-line. Soon we were seeing a tiny inlet and walking sheep tracks around to a very driftwood-strewn Oashore. The beach combers amongst us found plastic flotsam to take back for a proper burial at Kate Valley. The rusted remains of a whale pot are still there.

Another climb and descent got us to Tokoroa Bay, then the prospect of a higher, more rugged climb towards Hikoraki Bay made Tokoroa look more and more appealing. We sat on nice driftwood logs above the sandy beach to eat lunch, then the keen ones went for a dip while others combed the beach for plastic waste.

There were plenty of fine plastic chips in the sand and fishing net tangled in the driftwood. After a lengthy stay we headed back on what was now a warm afternoon. More wind would have been welcome as we climbed to overlook Birdlings Flat settlement. We were home in time to watch the Americas Cup races.

We were: Gavin Chalk (leader), Angela McLennan, Tom, Paulette French, Henk Boer and Kerry Moore. (KM)

Walking down to Tokoroa, “our” beach for the day