Hinewai – The Stones

Sunday 14 Nov 2021

Seven, in two cars drove down Long Bay Road and parked at the lower Hinewai car-park. We walked the more direct but steeper route to the Stones, stopping near the Lisburn Track junction for a cuppa, then in gorse and broom country we walked into the mist near the Stones and had to be content admiring the yellow flowers because we certainly couldn’t see far.

After an early lunch at the Stones we headed down to get on the Lisburn Track and on to the Murderers Track. An eerie mist penetrated the tall forest as we headed into Murderers Gully. Spring growth on the grassy clearings wet the socks of those of us without good gaiters. Some of the bigger trees were labelled which helps people learn to identify the many species in the reserve.

A little rain was predicted and sure enough, coats were on, mid-afternoon. We completed our 11km clockwise circuit via Broom, South and Valley tracks and arrived back at the cars in cloudy, fine weather.

We were: Norman Burden (leader) Kerry Moore, Dan Pryce, Kyung Sang Lee, Diane Mellish, Carolyn Blackford and Lissa Toscano. (NB)

It’s unusual to see beech trees on Banks Peninsula