Hurunui Peak

20 March 2021

Our crew crossed the Hurunui Bridge and turned onto Balmoral Station Road, then at Tekoa Road we parked on Korari Downs. Farm tracks took us up to the ridge leading to 937m Hurunui Peak. As we climbed on this warm, pleasant day we met pig hunters on four-wheelers and their dogs who’d been unsuccessfully hunting a gully. The final grunt to the top for lunch was over tussock, along a fence-line. Some of our group found the solar panel array a good sun-shade while others gazed towards Mt Skedaddle, and the Glencoe and Mandamus Rivers. The down journey was along the same path as for the ascent. This time we were appreciating the broad Canterbury Plain.

We were: Kim Ashmore, Sacha Baldwin, Wendy McCaughan, Dan Pryce, John Robinson and Kerry Moore. (KM)

Golden tussock contrasted with green, irrigated land

Our group, minus Kerry