Mulgans Track to East Enders Track

4 April 2021

Parking at Barnett Park you’d assume we were going up the East Enders Track but Helen, our leader has lots of tricks up her sleeve. We walked along the main road and up Mulgans Track for a short stop at Brownlee Reserve and on to Clifton Terrace to connect with a track leading to the Summit Road, then on to Jollies Bush where we decided it was too early for lunch. We bypassed the old gun emplacements and walked towards Lyttelton to find a sheltered lunch stop. Walking down the Urumau Track, the day became hot and some of our eleven people were under-stocked with water. Weather forecasters had predicted a 25ºC day. With Helen’s local knowledge we navigated some of the higher Lyttelton Streets to find Chalmers Track, new territory for most of us. Passing the gun emplacements again we crossed the Summit Road and headed down the East Enders Track to the cars. Once again, Helen had to haul back the leaders who’d failed to see a track sign. Many thanks to our expert guide.

We were: Helen Harkness, John Jagusch, Merv & Glenda Meredith, Henk Boer, Tanya Jacobsen, Tom Kennedy, Jill Fenner, Joy Schroeder, Wendy Wallace and Kerry Moore. (KM)

Our lunch-stop

Our troop heading for the greener pastures of Barnett Park