Peak Hill

Sunday 17 January

A day of two halves and two parts

The five of us headed away in 2 cars towards the Peak Hill carpark near Lake Coleridge. The weather was a bit “iffy” (rain showers but not too windy or cold) but most of us were keen to have a go at climbing Peak Hill – we’d all tried last year. We started off in a rain shower and looking up the Rakaia, the weather didn’t look that great either. Once we reached the ridge the full force of the norwester and the rain showers sent us scurrying back down to find a sheltered (late) morning tea spot and then back to our cars. So that was the first half of the day and the first part.

Arriving arriving back at the cars, we headed back down the road to the carpark at the beginning of the Dry Acheron walk. After 20 mins walking along the tree line, we turned right and headed down into the river valley, finding a perfect spot for lunch – a grassy bank beside the stream that was sheltered from the wind.

After lunch, we headed up the river valley for an hour or so – lots of stream hopping but mostly relatively sheltered from the fierce winds. Eventually we turned back returning the way we came.

So that was the second half of the day and the second part.

We finished off with coffee and snacks at the Horarata Cafe, which, rather surprisingly, was still open at 4.45 on Sunday afternoon. Then it was back to Christchurch and home in time for dinner. A good day out even if the weather didn’t quite play ball – we blew away the cobwebs and enjoyed the beauty of the countryside around Lake Coleridge.

We were: Alison Maccoll (leader), Wendy McCaughan, Norman Burden, John Robinson and Dan Pryce. (AM)

Looking down the Acheron River. Photo courtesy of Norman Burden.