Tiromoana Bush

28 March 2021

Stags were roaring in the high country so we were diverted away from Gola Peak, our scheduled trip. Our leader, John suggested Tirimoana Bush as he knows it well. He was an ideal guide, leading us on an anticlockwise circuit around the perimeter of the reserve with a bonus climb of 346m Ella. Yes, it’s another that doesn’t know if it’s a peak, hill or mountain. Totara and Vulcan in the area have the same identity problem. We timed it right for a long, leisurely lunch at the beach where Kate Valley’s stream makes its tiny contribution to the ocean. We admired the various well-rounded stones on the beach and four of the group had a dip to cool off on this 25ºC day. We didn’t admire the three apple cores another group had left on the beach. Any breeze that blew was welcomed as we walked the last section back to the cars, up through pine forest and on to the road.

We were: John Robinson, Helen Harkness, Dan Pryce, Lee Varty, Sacha Baldwin, Wendy McCaughan and Kerry Moore. (KM)

Near the top of 346m Ella

Lunch on the beach in the shade of a low cliff