Red Hill Circuit

Sunday 28 August 2022

After a short deliberation at Church Corner with our leader Merv, the destination was changed for several reasons from the scheduled Mt Oakden to a Red Hill - Mt Lyndon circuit instead. It was amazing to see how very high Lake Lyndon was, as we navigated the vehicles along the water-logged track to the Lyndon Lodge.

Although not a blue-sky day, there was little wind, and not much snow. Crampons were not needed, although Ruth tried her new micro-spikes up a snow gully. There wasn’t really a view when we got to the top of Red Hill, but it cleared a bit as we continued along the ridge towards Mt Lyndon. After the second bump on the ridge, a unanimous decision was made to call it a day and head down a steep spur, back to the valley. Disappointingly the coffee shop was closed when we hit Springfield just before 4.30pm.

We were: Merv Meredith, Penny Coffey, Shi Ping Wang, Kerry Moore, Peter Umbers and Ruth Barratt. (RB)

Kerry's phone shut down after taking this. The battery didn't like the chilly day.

The lake exits. We exit