Ryde Falls

Sunday 9 January 2022

Seven of us set off expecting a very hot day at Oxford (28 degrees was expected in Christchurch). After a pit stop in Oxford we arrived at the Coopers Creek car park to find about 10 cars already there. There was a brisk NW which was suggesting a cooler walk than predicted. The track ran almost parallel to the route the tram used to extract logs from the forest in the late 1890s and meandered up and down. It was far muddier than any of us could remember. We arrived at the river leading from the falls at 11:45 and settled in for an early lunch before proceeding to the falls, thus keeping our feet dry.

A continuous procession of groups passed us including a young family with a baby. This was the busiest track I have been on. After lunch, those that wanted to carried on to the falls by crossing the stream. The falls were crowded with a group of photographers sporting very classy gear, set up on tripods. Some were precariously working their way along the rim of the second pool to set up their gear. The walk back to Coopers Creek car park was uneventful, followed by a quick stop at the cafe for milkshakes and coffees.

We were: Graeme Nicholas (leader), Helen Harkness, Deborah Wood, Lesley Campbell, Barbara Purcell, Hilaire Campbell, Carol Cheong. (GN)