Waipara Valley Vineyard Trail

Sunday 27 February 2022

Instead of a long drive to Lake Heron our five opted to walk the Waipara Valley Vineyard Trail. As we came into Woodend the traffic slowed and backed up. We were caught in the "Convoy for Freedom" - a bunch of idiots heading north and being cheered on by more idiots who stood on the side of the road, cheering them on. They drove through Amberley at less than 40km per hour as though they were a motorcade of VIPs. They were certainly impeding our freedom to travel on the state highway.

We started our walk at the Glenmark Reserve and walked through Sherwood Downs, Greystones, Muddy Waters, Mountford, Black Estate and Waipara Springs vineyards. A little foraging and sampling of grapes took place. There was an apple tree with delicious windfall apples on the track and a plate sized mushroom was taken home for dinner. The walk was 11.5km.

We were: Diane Dixon, Kathy Ramsay, Sha SG, Lissa Toscano and Henk Boer. {DD}

Snack-time. Photo by Diane

No need to walk in single-file on this track. Photo by Kathy