Childrens Bay Park

Sunday 2 July 2023

Four hardy souls turned up to drive to Akaroa for a walk around Childrens Bay Park. As we drove into the parking spot, we hit a nasty hail shower but luckily after that we managed to avoid any precipitation, until we got into the cars 5 hours later. 

The tracks were surprisingly not too muddy, and to make the most of a day, we covered most of the tracks over the hill, to and back around from Takamatua. It was fun trying to spot all the animal sculptures listed on the website. On the day we only passed one local person out braving the weather. This was a very enjoyable walk, despite the cold wind in exposed areas. Thanks to Graham, for putting your hand up to make this trip possible.

We were: Graham Nicholas, Ruth Barratt, Penny Coffey, and Sha. [RB]

Trampers and friend

Akaroa Harbour looking north