Kaituna - Gebbies, Gebbies - Kaituna

Sunday 8 Jan 2023

This was a substitute trip as permission to access Timutimu Head and Scenery Nook was withheld. Ten of us left the PMH meeting place, with half heading to the Kaituna Valley end and the other half to the Gebbies Pass end. The forecast was for a cool, cloudy day but we were soon feeling the warm sun. The Kaituna group reached Pack Horse Hut after 50 minutes from the Parkinsons Road car park. An exodus of trampers from the hut passed us on the way.

After a morning tea-break we carried on and met the Gebbies Pass group 15 minutes later. We exchanged greetings and car keys and carried on. Graeme recalled a previous trip where he encountered a family carrying their gear in a wheelbarrow. With the recent forestry work, the track appears to have been rerouted, so some parts now looked pretty impossible for anyone to push a wheelbarrow. By 11:30 we reached the Gebbies Pass car park and enjoyed a quick end-of-hike lunch in the sun.

Going west were: Joanna Frampton, Hank Boer, Eileen Mackie, Ian Beale and Graeme Nicholas. [GN]


With forestry continually changing the landscape on the Gebbies side of the hill, the West to East crew found the track got ambiguous at one point but they pressed on, ignoring the “go back” sign and soon were back on track. This group had a more leisurely trip. It is always good to have at least one photographer. 

It enables others to admire the view and take a breather. A relaxed early lunch at Packhorse Hut was punctuated with meeting and greeting walkers who kept appearing from all directions. Sunny, windless weather at the Packhorse is hard to beat. Thank you team leaders, Graeme and Kerry.

Going east were: Sha, Helen Harkness, S-P Wang, Kerry Moore, and Kyung Sang Lee. [HH]