Lyndon Saddle – Craigieburn Edge Track

29 January 2023

Ten enthusiastic trampers gathered for an 8am start at Church Corner. Showers were predicted for the morning, but didn’t show. Instead, we were welcomed with fine weather as we set off from Craigieburn Campsite Shelter. Blue skies continued throughout the day.

The Mistletoe Track to Lyndon Saddle took us an hour and the short detour to 1256m Helicopter Hill was an ideal spot for a leisurely morning tea break.

Back at the junction, we took the Edge Track, passing some impressive screes, then into forest for lunch, away from the heat of the day. At the end of the Edge Track, we decided that it would be more interesting to return the way we’d come, rather than a long road walk. 

The Edge Track has a connection to the ski road, so we had a mere 1km road walk to the Sidle Track. An hour’s walk on the Sidle Track, alongside SH73 got us back to the cars at 3 30pm.

We were: Wendy McCaughan, Dorota Giejsztowt, Sha SG, Cary & Clare van Vorsselen, Dan Pryce, John Robinson, Ian Beale, Kyung Sang Lee and Norman Burden (leader, writer, photographer).

On Helicopter Hill

A gravelly stretch of the Edge Tra